My creature comfort throughout Melbourne’s latest lockdown has been cooking shows, food documentaries and poring over recipe books. One thing they remind of (other than how hungry I am), is how excited I am about the sheer variety of food in existence. My favourite moments are cooks excitedly sharing a recipe, its history and meaning to them. Passion is key.

Belle ChenPianist and composer Belle Chen

Playlisting is a similar experience for me, uncovering exciting new discoveries and recalling old favourites to share with the wider world. I want you, dear reader, to think of this playlist as a buffet, an exciting street food market, or an overly generous tasting platter – you may not like everything here but I hope you’ll find some new gems to add to your own collections, your own cookbooks as it were.

This month’s playlist celebrates the sheer variety of music making in Australia. We embrace artists from all over; Melbourne’s Zela Margossian, Adelaide’s Belinda Gehlert and Zephyr Quartet, Canberra’s Chris Sainsbury and Kim Cunio, as well as Australians abroad, Kate Moore, Wally Gunn, Brett Dean and Belle Chen. Stylistic chasms are crossed: Sandy Evan’s collaboration with Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan, Bridge of Dreams sits happily beside Robin Fox and Eugene Ughetti’s heavily electronic Transducer and Nat Bartsch’s dreamy Light and Shadows. See the full track list below or dive right in to go exploring Australia’s wild sonic landscapes.

I’ve been running the Australian Art Music Playlist for just shy of 18 months now and am proud of my Spotify sleuthing abilities to bring you varied diet of contemporary classical, modern jazz, experimental and electronic music (broadly grouped as Art Music). Expect monthly playlists alongside a short intro here on Limelight.

If you’re hungry for more, The Australian Art Music Archive featuring all of the previously featured tracks, is also available with a whopping 46 hours of content from over 230 talented composers.

To recommend a track for future lists, simply tweet at me with #AussieArtMusic on Twitter or post a link on my composer page on Facebook.

Until next month,

Cameron Lam

The Full Track List: Australian Art Music, September 2020

One Day Gavin Stomach by Bernard Hoey | performed by Topology
Ceasefire by Zela Margossian | performed by Zela Margossian Quintet
Cicadidae by Kate Moore | performed by Australian String Quartet
Not Suitable for Mothers Day by Kim Cunio | performed by Jason Noble, Kim Cunio
Light for the First Time by Bree van Reyk | performed by Ensemble Offspring
Rhapsody by Roy Agnew | performed by Stephanie McCallum
People Of This Place by Felicity Wilcox | performed by Ensemble Offspring
Demons by Brett Dean | performed by Laura Chislett
Bushfire: II. After the Fire Has Passed and Elegy by Chris Sainsbury | performed by Rachel Tolmie, Chris Bearman & Concertante Ensemble
Piano Trio No 2 ‘Pulses’ by Paul Stanhope | performed by University of Queensland Chamber Players
Forest Stream by Miriam Hyde | performed by Benjamin Martin
Speechless by Miriama Young
Quamby: 3. From High Hills by Peter Sculthorpe | performed by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conducted by James Judd
Rest by H.S. Botha
Exposiciones by Andrian Pertout | performed by Louise Devenish
Elegie (from The Art of Disappearing) by Cameron Lam | performed by Jenny Duck-Chong & Geist String Quartet
Seahorse by Jonathan Zwartz | performed by Jonathan Zwartz
Beam, Arch, Suspension (from Bridge of Dreams) by Sandy Evans, Aneesh Pradhan | performed by Shubha Mudgal, Sandy Evans, Aneesh Pradhan, Sudhir Nayak, Bobby Singh & Sirens Big Band
Lights And Shadows by Nat Bartsch
The Sadness of Detail by Chris Dench | performed by Richard Haynes
The Ascendant: No 4, What We Began by Wally Gunn | performed by Jason Treuting, Brad Wells & Roomful of Teeth
Her Pockets Full of Inertia by Cat Hope | performed by Lamorna Nightingale & Cat Hope
Soul by Matt Keegan | performed by Jenny Eriksson & Elysian Fields
United We Win in C Major by William Barton | performed by Katie Noonan and Australian String Quartet
Between the Land and Sea by Belle Chen
TRANSDUCER (finale) by Eugene Ughetti, Robin Fox | performed by Eugene Ughetti
Epilogue by Belinda Gehlert | performed by Zephyr Quartet