As I write this, I’ve just finished facilitating sessions for High Score (a video game music conference for Melbourne International Games Week), Melbourne is starting up schools again, and NSW has just rolled back some of its blanket ban on woodwind and singing.

There’s progress here, if slow, and it does finally feel like we’re emerging out of a long winter, reconnecting with people and our music.

Kangaroo by Marigold Bartlett Kangaroo by Marigold Bartlett 

I’ve also taken this time to connect with an excellent artist, Marigold Bartlett (@ghosttowngoldie on Twitter) to commission two new graphics for the playlist and its archive. Both feature local wildlife enjoying music. I adore how these turned out and am so glad for the playlist to have a face after 18 months of this project.

Voices and woodwinds feature prominently this month. From How Alone We Are from Lisa Cheney’s children’s opera The Owl and the Pussycat, Ross Edwards’ To A Child performed by Halcyon, or Elegy by Warren Burt for the Astra Choir – there’s a lovely sense of connection to people via the human voice – which I needed this month, maybe you did too…

Tasmanian Devil by Marigold Bartlett 

Despite ongoing discussion around woodwinds in schools, Australian musicians keep reminding us of their artistry from Alicia Crossley on Sally Whitwell’s Three by Three, to Christine Draeger’s performance of Alan Holley’s Rosella.

The playlist features works by recent award winners, Genesis by Ros Bandt (this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Services to Australian Music at the 2020 Art Music Awards) and Five Bagatelles by Natalie Williams (Sue W Music Composition Prize winner).

Finally, heaps of new releases this month as well, Joseph Franklin’s Elastic Joyous, Natalie Nicolas’ Music for Calm & Catharsis for the Muses Trio, and Connor D’Netto’s Susurrus to name a few.

Dive into the full playlist (or the full Australian Art Music Archive) to make some of your own connections, to music you love and music as yet undiscovered, and to share those new connections with others.

It is Spring after all.

Cameron Lam

The Full Track List: Australian Art Music, October 2020

How Alone We Are from The Owl and The Pussycat by Lisa Cheney & Kathryn Marquet | performed by Pia Frangiosa, Daniel Byrne, Danielle Bentley, Cameron Kennedy
To A Child from Five Senses by Ross Edwards | performed by Halcyon, Jenny Duck-Chong, Bernadette Harvey
Bardju (Footprints) by Brenda Gifford | performed by Ensemble Offspring
Seashell by Kelly Ottaway | performed by Kelly Ottaway and The Modern Operative
Towards Elysium by Lyle Chan | performed by Acacia Quartet
Tintinara from Five Bagatelles by Natalie Williams | performed by Richard Zimdars
Angelus by Mary Finsterer | performed by Ensemble Liaison
The Music Box by Sarah Elise Thompson | performed by Brad Gill
Rosella by Alan Holley | performed by Christine Draeger
Elastic Joyous from To My Left Is Where the Lake Is by Joseph Franklin | performed by Franklin | Gill
Con ritmo from Slipstream by Matthew Orlovich | performed by Nexas Quartet
Three By Three by Sally Whitwell | performed by Alicia Crossley, Acacia Quartet
Suite (from Sighting Silence, Sounding Image, for pianoforte) [I, II, V & VI] by Christina Green | performed by Christina Green
Susurrus (Sonata No 1 for solo violin) by Connor D’Netto | performed by Shannon Reilly
Genesis by Ros Bandt | performed by Ros Bandt
Timeless by Brenton Broadstock | performed by Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Ola Rudner
The Solstice Stone by Christine McCombe | performed by Libby Crabtree, Helen Thomson, Dunedin Consort
Six from Music for Calm & Catharsis by Natalie Nicolas | performed by Muses Trio
Capriccio furie del gravicembalo by Stephen Yates | performed by Elaine Funaro
As Small Birds Play by Corrina Bonshek | performed by Jason Noble
For Bass Clarinet And Tape by Martin Wesley-Smith | performed by Harry Sparnaay
Duet by Timothy Tate | performed by Timothy Tate
From Within My Storm from Wind Song by Elena Kats-Chernin | performed by Riley Lee, Christina Leonard
III from Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke by Chris Perren | performed by Nonsemble
Bent Until it Snapped for amplified cello by James Ledger | performed by Peet Morrison
The Girl in the Magnesium Dress from 48 Fugues for Frank by Michael Kieran Harvey | performed by Michael Kieran Harvey
Elegy by Warren Burt | performed by The Astra Choir, John McCaughey
The Beauty of Now (for violin and pianoforte) by Caerwen Martin | performed by Aaron Barnden, Peter Doomsday
Orbit by Kezia Yap | performed by Brad Gill
Kudikynah Cave by Moya Henderson | performed by Acacia Quartet

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