Where did your musical inspiration come from as a child?

Music was part of the language at home. I grew up with music as I did with speaking. With Bach, my father played it and my mother played it, so it seemed the normal thing to do. But I did so many other things as a kid, which I also enjoyed. I did 20 years of classical ballet, which I absolutely loved. I played the violin, I played the recorder, I sang, I did highland dancing, I went to school, I did gymnastics. I did so many things, and I’m really happy that I did, because I think it’s so important to have a rounded childhood. Piano was always what I did with the greatest ease, though, and where I think my natural gifts lay. I started with my French piano teacher, Jean-Paul Sévilla around my 15th birthday. He started showing me all the piano repertoire there was – the French school, things as diverse as Messiaen and all the big Romantic works. He gave me the Goldbergswhen I was 16, so that really opened another door for me, but even at that age I never dreamt I would...

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