I understand it was hearing a recording of Mozart’s Flute and Harp Concerto that first inspired you to become a flute player – what was it about that experience that touched you?

I was only seven years old so too young to understand about ‘inspiration’ so to say. It was rather an intense physical and emotional reaction that resonated with me so profoundly that everything from that moment on was about moving towards what I heard that day: the phenomenal beauty of Jean-Pierre Rampal’s tone, and the indescribable magic of Mozart’s music. I still refer to that recording to keep myself on track, Rampal is my bench mark and my hero. And as for Mozart… no words!

Ana De La Vega Ana de la Vega. Photo © Andy Baker

For you, who are the most inspiring Mozart interpreters, flute or otherwise?

While Jean-Pierre Rampal’s recording of Mozart stunned me as a child, there were three other moments in my life when I felt similar awe and astonishment.

The first was when I heard Daniel Barenboim’s legendary recordings of the Mozart Concertos with the English Chamber Orchestra. He introduced me to...

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