The chamber musicians featured in 3MBS FM’s upcoming Mozart-fest choose their favourite Wolfgang Amadeus ditties.

Christopher Moore – Violist, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Sinfonia Concertante
It is probably Mozart’s best concerto and there is nothing about it that you could change. It is perfect.

Kristian Chong – Pianist

Quintet in E Flat for piano and winds, K452
I don’t have one favourite Mozart work but several! The Requiem I dearly love, especially the Confutatis – but I must say his piano concerti are fabulous, nearly all of them. So too is the quintet for piano and winds, the work I am playing at the marathon! Mozart said it was his best piano work and I’m inclined to agree; it should be played more!

The piano and violin sonatas are also particular favourites, with Mozart the pioneer (with Beethoven) in creating an equal chamber role for the violin; they were actually conceived initially in idea as piano sonatas with added violin!

Stefan Cassomenos – Pianist

Symphony No 40 in G Minor
This is an example of Mozart at his most intense. It is also at a time in his composing life where it sounds like he is facing firmly toward the future, but at the same time deeply acknowledging the past. The result is a sort of universality of artistic vision, which I find inspiring.

Irina  Morozova – Violist, Goldner Quartet

Sinfonia Concertante
Because there is also an arrangement for string sextet which we enjoy playing. Everyone gets some great solos to play!

Tristan Lee – Pianist

Don Giovanni and Piano Concerto K.414
My favourite work of Mozart to listen to is the opera Don Giovanni, but my favourite work to perform is the Piano Concerto K414 (which I’ve had the pleasure of performing now in three different ways: as concerto soloist, as conductor from the piano, and in its piano quintet format).

Emma Sullivan – Double Bassist, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra

Per Questa Bella Mano K612
My favourite Mozart work is Per Questa Bella Mano K612, which is a concert aria for bass singer with a virtuosic and florid double bass obbligato part. The challenging and unique work was written the year that Mozart died and leaves me to wonder what other works Mozart had in store for the double bass – perhaps even a concerto?! I also love his final three symphonies.

Charlotte Miles – Cellist

String Quintet No 4 in G Minor
It was my introduction to the world of chamber music when I joined the Melbourne String Ensemble at the age of ten, and it has a beautiful darkness and a dramatic energy that captivates me.

Rachel Shaw – Hornist, Arcadia Winds

Horn Concerto No 2 K417
This was the first piece of horn music I ever heard as a young musician. I listened to it (along with his other horn concertos) for days on end and believe it was the reason I first began to fall in love with the horn and decided to pursue it as my career. 

3MBS Fine Music Melbourne’s 2017 Mozart Marathon is at Hawthorne Arts Centre February 26