The chamber musicians featured in 3MBS FM’s upcoming Mozart-fest choose their favourite Wolfgang Amadeus ditties.

Christopher Moore – Violist, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Sinfonia Concertante
It is probably Mozart’s best concerto and there is nothing about it that you could change. It is perfect.

Kristian Chong – Pianist

Quintet in E Flat for piano and winds, K452
I don’t have one favourite Mozart work but several! The Requiem I dearly love, especially the  Confutatis – but I must say his piano concerti are fabulous, nearly all of them. So too is the quintet for piano and winds, the work I am playing at the marathon! Mozart said it was his best piano work and I’m inclined to agree; it should be played more!

The piano and violin sonatas are also particular favourites, with Mozart the pioneer (with Beethoven) in creating an equal chamber role for the violin; they were actually conceived initially in idea as piano sonatas with added violin!

Stefan Cassomenos – Pianist

Symphony No 40 in G Minor
This is an example of Mozart at his most intense. It is also at a time in his composing life where it sounds like he is facing firmly...

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