Meet the young pianists, instrumentalists, singers and conductors taking classical music into the future.

The young classical superstar isn’t exactly a new phenomenon – think Mozart, Liszt or Mendelssohn – but if you think the hottest talents are getting younger and younger, you might just be right. This month we’ve decided it’s time to take stock. So who is the new breed of soloist and what makes them special? Here are our pick of 30 of the best, all of them, rather neatly, under the age of 30.

What a record label looks for…
What are our criteria for signing new artists to our labels? The truth is there are no rules, no boxes to tick –because successful artists are unique “one-offs”, special and distinctive. The key is: how does an artist communicate emotion? For me this is the bottom line. If an artist is like you and me, they’re probably not interesting enough. The best artists have a special “aura” and a unique way of expressing themselves, both musically and in that something extra they project across the footlights. Of course, if they also strive to programme exciting repertoire,...

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