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Imagination Workshop: Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Adelaide Oval Adelaide

The world’s most successful Fawlty Towers tribute, this unforgettable immersive show sees audiences become paying guests at the Faulty Towers hotel, ready for two hours of chaos, comedy and action.

Griffin Theatre Company: Green Park

Green Park Sydney

You've walked past it. Maybe through it. Down the end of Victoria Street, opposite St Vincent's Hospital—Green Park. It's picturesque by day, a little eerie by night. And it's where Warren and Edden are meeting, as a prelude to their Grindr hook up. One of them doesn't look like his photo. There's an age gap between them (but what's a decade or three?). And one is harbouring a dangerous secret. In an hour's time, both will leave the park profoundly transformed. Google Maps lists Green Park as "Good for Kids". But just a few decades ago, that definitely wasn't the case. For decades, the Wall opposite the park was where rent boys plied their trade for curb-crawling Johns. The public toilet was a spot for secret all-hours hook ups. When the cops dismantled it, in 1988, a cabal of drag queen nuns—the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence—built a shrine to a chunk of its urinal. These details are becoming lost to time. But in Green Park, Warren and Edden will be pushed together—and apart—by forces of Sydney's history that neither of them can comprehend. In 2021, Griffin is leaving its home at the SBW Stables and wandering down the road to...

Adelaide Festival: Sex and Madness

Adelaide Town Hall Adelaide

Oz composers Richard Meale, Ross Edwards and Elena Kats-Chernin all started under Schoenberg's spell before they found themselves gasping for their own air. Meale's Lumen, which achieves complexity over a single chord, is an homage to a very different piece written at the same time as Pierrot (Scriabin's Vers la flamme), the potency of which lay dormant until post-modernism kicked in. Edwards's saxophone quintet, rich with the sounds of the Australian bush, and Kats-Chenin's radiant piano quintet are future classics from the last five years.

Yirra Yaakin Theatre: The Sum of Us

Subiaco Arts Centre 180 Hamersley Road, Subiaco

See an exciting revisioning of the much-loved story from the off-Broadway hit and award-winning film The Sum of Us with an all First Nations cast. How’s a guy supposed to find Mr. Right when his father is always up in his business? That’s the premise of this warm comedy that revolves around the comfortable relationship between widower Harry and his son Jeff. A beautiful tale of a strong family bond, ageing, queerness and the dance we all do when searching for love, this is Yirra Yaakin’s first queer work. Performed by an Australian First Nations cast, it is a story that no culture is exempt from. Balancing humour and pathos, The Sum of Us remains as relevant today as it was 30 years ago.

Hayes Theatre Co: Young Frankenstein

Hayes Theatre Co 19 Greenknowe Avenue, Elizabeth Bay

Hayes Theatre Co presents the Australian premiere of this brilliantly kooky musical comedy, adapted by comic genius Mel Brooks (The Producers, Blazing Saddles) from his 1974 American comedy horror film. Scientist Frederick Frankenstein (it’s pronounced Fronk-en-steen) – grandson of the infamous scientist – travels reluctantly to Transylvania where he has inherited his family estate. Before long, he finds himself back in the mad scientist shoes of his ancestor, and with the help of hunchbacked sidekick Igor and yodelling lab assistant Inga, he brings to life a new creature to rival his grandfather’s. But this time, when the monster escapes – absolute hilarity ensues. Young Frankenstein has all the panache and quick-fire humour of the screen sensation, with a little extra theatrical flair. Featuring songs like “The Transylvania Mania” and the immortal “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, Young Frankenstein is scientifically proven, monstrously good entertainment. Directed by Alexander Berlage (Cry-Baby, American Psycho), get ready for an electrifying camp gothic spectacular that will leave you in stitches.

Editor's Choice

Opera Australia: Tosca

Sydney Opera House Sydney

She lived for love. On this desperate day, can she find the strength to kill for it? Three ominous chords ring out of the orchestra pit and the mood is set. On stage, the soaring marble columns are brilliant with light, but somewhere out of sight, a shadow looms. A runaway prisoner bursts into the chapel and the opera takes off: a gripping tale of love, lust and betrayal unfolding at breakneck pace. Tosca has everything: a real and worldly love, an extraordinary heroine and the greatest villain in all of opera. Puccini's evocative music intensifies the emotion at every turn. Combined with John Bell's thoughtful production set in Nazi-occupied Rome, the effect is "epic, absorbing and shattering" (The Sydney Morning Herald). Tosca's dramatic music demands powerhouse performers. Sensational young conductor Andrea Battistoni leads a brilliant cast. Carmen Giannattasio makes her Opera Australia debut as Floria Tosca, a role coveted for its vast dramatic arc and show-stopping aria, ‘Vissi d'arte'. Diego Torre reprises his passionate Cavaradossi. Marco Vratogna, renowned for his villains, returns as Scarpia. Read our 4 Star review of this production here.

The Australian Shakespeare Company: Macbeth

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Melbourne

The Macbeth's are back with their unparalleled thrust for the ultimate power of the throne. A stunning mix of minds games and manipulation, sparked by the prophesies of three witches that Macbeth encounters on the heath as he returns from war, triggers his burning ambition which in turn ignites an inferno in his wife to inspire him to kill for the crown.

Adelaide Festival Centre: Medea

Her Majesty's Theatre Adelaide

Live streamed from Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, experience Simon Stone’s taut retelling of Euripides' tragedy.  

Adelaide Festival: Small Metal Objects

Moseley Square Glenelg

It's street-theatre-but-not-as-we-know-it in which the performers are disguised threads in the very real tapestry of a busy city thoroughfare and we, be-headphoned on raked seating, are the ones on display to be ignored or gawked at by passers-by. Via our ears though, the familiar urban scene becomes a movie replete with evocative score, and its cast of thousands is quickly narrowed down to four protagonists. Locating them isn't easy, and it's part of the game, but their story is as surprising and compelling as any thriller.

Branch Nebula: High Performance Packing Tape

Adelaide Festival Centre Adelaide

In High Performance Packing Tape, award-winning, cutting-edge performance company Branch Nebula has forged a performance that dares to ask “is a life without danger worth living?”  It’s messy, terrifying, deeply challenging to accepted notions of comfort and safety, and incredible fun. You’ll peer through parted fingers, thrill to his successes, wince at his failures and try hard to contain your uproarious laughter.