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Adelaide Festival: Fangirls

Ridley Centre Wayville

As Hamilton proved, in a world where new musicals are often focus-grouped into blandness, fabulous butterflies can still emerge from the chrysalis of a single brilliant mind. Such is FANGIRLS, whose book, music and lyrics are by young Sydney-born writer Yve Blake. Fascinated by the way that society can see a mob of screaming fans as "embarrassing" (if female, and at a pop concert) - but "passionate" (if male at a footy match), Yve set out to write the show she wished her 14-year-old self could have seen: a comedy all about the ways that the world tries to convince young women that they're not as worthy as their brothers. It follows Edna, a plucky misfit scholarship girl who believes that she alone can win the heart of the world's biggest pop star; Harry. Sure, he has 38 million other fans, but for Edna, that's merely a hurdle. Because there's nothing she won't do to meet Harry. No really, nothing.

Hayes Theatre Co: Young Frankenstein

Hayes Theatre Co 19 Greenknowe Avenue, Elizabeth Bay

Hayes Theatre Co presents the Australian premiere of this brilliantly kooky musical comedy, adapted by comic genius Mel Brooks (The Producers, Blazing Saddles) from his 1974 American comedy horror film. Scientist Frederick Frankenstein (it’s pronounced Fronk-en-steen) – grandson of the infamous scientist – travels reluctantly to Transylvania where he has inherited his family estate. Before long, he finds himself back in the mad scientist shoes of his ancestor, and with the help of hunchbacked sidekick Igor and yodelling lab assistant Inga, he brings to life a new creature to rival his grandfather’s. But this time, when the monster escapes – absolute hilarity ensues. Young Frankenstein has all the panache and quick-fire humour of the screen sensation, with a little extra theatrical flair. Featuring songs like “The Transylvania Mania” and the immortal “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, Young Frankenstein is scientifically proven, monstrously good entertainment. Directed by Alexander Berlage (Cry-Baby, American Psycho), get ready for an electrifying camp gothic spectacular that will leave you in stitches.

Imagination Workshop: Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Adelaide Oval Adelaide

The world’s most successful Fawlty Towers tribute, this unforgettable immersive show sees audiences become paying guests at the Faulty Towers hotel, ready for two hours of chaos, comedy and action.

The Australian Shakespeare Company: Macbeth

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Melbourne

The Macbeth's are back with their unparalleled thrust for the ultimate power of the throne. A stunning mix of minds games and manipulation, sparked by the prophesies of three witches that Macbeth encounters on the heath as he returns from war, triggers his burning ambition which in turn ignites an inferno in his wife to inspire him to kill for the crown.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra: Brahms’ Symphony No.2

Arts Centre Melbourne Melbourne

The young Johannes Brahms suffered from the great pressure of high expectation placed upon him by the European musical public as the “heir” of Beethoven, and his Second Symphony sought to pay homage to the brilliant composer. But in doing so, Brahms stepped out of the giant’s shadow and became one himself.

Musica Viva: Adam McMillan, Madeleine Jevons, Eunise Cheng & Daniel Smith

Melbourne Recital Centre Melbourne

In the opening concert of Musica Viva’s 2021 Melbourne Morning Masters Season, rising pianist Adam McMillan joins members of the acclaimed Penny and Partridge quartets to perform this great Schumann masterwork alongside a crystalline piece for piano quartet by Australia’s Andrew Ford.

Adelaide Festival: Small Metal Objects

Moseley Square Glenelg

It's street-theatre-but-not-as-we-know-it in which the performers are disguised threads in the very real tapestry of a busy city thoroughfare and we, be-headphoned on raked seating, are the ones on display to be ignored or gawked at by passers-by. Via our ears though, the familiar urban scene becomes a movie replete with evocative score, and its cast of thousands is quickly narrowed down to four protagonists. Locating them isn't easy, and it's part of the game, but their story is as surprising and compelling as any thriller.

Melbourne Recital Centre: Rebirth

Melbourne Recital Centre Melbourne

Affinity Quartet represents the next generation of Australia’s chamber music stars. The Quartet developed its craft in Europe to critical acclaim. It brings home an inspired approach to music-making, matched by its adventurous spirit as a string quartet for and of today. About the concert Life is full of different journeys. Some leave us untouched. Others amount to a full rebirth. Affinity Quartet meditates on the strength and fragility of our human experience, through compelling works that reflect this battle. Shostakovich and his younger compatriot Weinberg both lived through war and composed through periods of crisis. Their quartets are a thrill-ride of intense emotion, undoubtedly shaped by the circumstances they survived. Weinberg’s Aria displays a compelling Romantic lyricism, which is brilliantly matched by the witty and off-kilter Capriccio. Shostakovich’s Quartet No.3 covers equally complex and emotive territory. Award-winning Melbourne-based composer Darrin Archer counterpoints these two composers’ legacies, drawing inspiration for his new work, Peace, Gratitude, Resolve, from the challenges of our own modern time.