Caption Competition

No 73

Previous Winners

Benjamin Britten

No 72

“Have you got any tips for the 4th at Randwick?” – Karen Darcy, VIC

“I’ve always liked my pears gently poached in a bit of syrup.” – Bill Hawley, WA

QM: “Isn’t it about time you finished that Elderly Person’s Guide To The Orchestra?” – Harry Dewar, SA

Joan Sutherland

No 71

“See this? This is all I need to conduct an orchestra, or a country come to that.” – Janice Samson, NSW
“See my hair? I use Brylcream – what do you use?” – Betty Shaw, VIC
“As the ad says, just one spray sets all day” – Lyn Nutttall, QLD
Caption Competition 70

No 70

“Please be careful, my ear is my career!” – Jodie Kasatchkow, WA

“I’d like a “stunned mullet” please” – Peter Helmsford, QLD

“The sound of your scissors is music to my ears” – Chris Mulholland, NSW

Caption Competition

No 69

“With legs like these, The Nose should be in for a long run.” – Carl Jackson, ACT

“Who nose what you’ll find on the steps of the Opera House.” – Jodie Charles, QLD

“He obviously has a nose for good entertainment.” – Ayesha Azeem, NSW

William Walton holding a koala

No 68

“Grey, furry ears… you and me both!” – Christopher King, VIC

“Why on earth weren’t you included in The Carnival of the Animals” – Beryl Jones, VIC

“You would be a good fit for my next opera, The Bear” – Maha Obeid, NSW

No 67

“I don’t mind being her lockdown muse but I don’t like being Meredith’s Zoom meme.” – Carolyn Newmann, NSW

“Might I recommend the mock turtle soup, Meredith? They say it beats the real thing hands down.” – Alison Crabb, Bundaberg QLD

“Ah Meredith, isn’t it great to be finally, albeit slowly, poking our heads out of this COVID Disaster for the Arts!” – Iolanda Capodanno, NSW

No 66

“In the evenings, the French composer prefers Camille “sans socks”. – Ben Farrand, Ringwood, VIC
“Where is everyone? I’ll never do a pyjama party here again.” – Garry Haddow, Encounter Bay, SA
“Why are they looking at me? Is my background too cluttered?” – Miguel, Darlinghurst, NSW

No 65

“His fingers can play the notes alright, but the real music is in the paws.” – Peter Helmstedt, Hawthorne, QLD​

“You play Bach your way – I’ll bark my way!” – Errol Matham, Ashgrove, QLD

“I wish I could remember where I buried my glasses.” – Sue Hamilton, Melbourne, VIC

No 64

“Not having much faun this afternoon” – Helen Doig, Camberwell, VIC

“You might think we have a charmed existence, but believe me, life’s no picnic” – Patricia Harkin, Cannons Creek, VIC

“Dad, where’s the faun? You promised me there would be a faun” – Jillian Albrecht, Duns Creek, NSW