Caption Competition

No 67

Previous Winners

No 66

“In the evenings, the French composer prefers Camille “sans socks”.
– Ben Farrand, Ringwood, VIC
“Where is everyone? I’ll never do a pyjama party here again.”
– Garry Haddow, Encounter Bay, SA
“Why are they looking at me? Is my background too cluttered?”
– Miguel, Darlinghurst, NSW

No 65

“His fingers can play the notes alright, but the real music is in the paws.”
– Peter Helmstedt, Hawthorne, QLD​

“You play Bach your way – I’ll bark my way!”
– Errol Matham, Ashgrove, QLD

“I wish I could remember where I buried my glasses.”
– Sue Hamilton, Melbourne, VIC

No 64

“Not having much faun this afternoon”
– Helen Doig, Camberwell, VIC

“You might think we have a charmed existence, but believe me, life’s no picnic”
Patricia Harkin, Cannons Creek, VIC

“Dad, where’s the faun? You promised me there would be a faun”
– Jillian Albrecht, Duns Creek, NSW