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- May 31, 2012
- Opera
A video gala of swine, women and song...
- Jan 21, 2017
- Classical Music, Opera
Music director Glen Roven has released the video for The Hillary Tapes starring a host of opera A-listers.
- Aug 8, 2013
Existential art-house piece on the verge of video art.
- Oct 16, 2015
- Theatre, Visual Art
German artist Julian Rosefeldt's 'Manifesto' sees Cate Blanchett inhabit 13 unique personas.
- Jul 22, 2016
- Classical Music
Move over cat pianists! Cavoodle virtuoso's chopsticks stuns the internet, but is his Bach worse than his bite?
- Nov 4, 2014
- Classical Music, Orchestral
Danish National Chamber Orchestra play on despite a mouthful of fire.
- Jul 15, 2014
- Classical Music
A satirical YouTube video tells the ultimate viola joke.
- Aug 1, 2017
- Classical Music
The video game composer was responsible for producing the first ever video game score recorded by an Australian orchestra.
- Nov 19, 2013
- Classical Music, Opera
Feathers and speedos in the first part of Neil Armfield's Wagnerian vision gets this Ring off to a great start.
- Aug 5, 2016
- Theatre
The veteran comedian doesn’t really know what a YouTube channel is, but he's gone and launched one anyway.
- Jan 20, 2017
- Classical Music, Audio Visual
★★★½☆ Relentlessly obsessive and fragmented, Nicole Lizée's works tease apart familiar scenes and sounds.
- Mar 2, 2011
- Classical Music
Robert Murray discovers a new way for classical musicians to connect on video sharing site YouTube.
- May 21, 2012
- Classical Music
The baritone's classic performances captured on video: Schubert, Schumann, Bach and more.
- Oct 24, 2012
- Classical Music
The Chinese pianist asserts his street cred in this fascinating dubstep dance video.


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