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- Jan 20, 2011
This reviewer has trouble finding the value here.
- Mar 9, 2012
- Jazz, World
Live Review: Senyawa and Chiri, Adelaide Festival
- Mar 13, 2012
- Classical Music, Stage
Live review: Instructions for an Imaginary Man
- Jul 28, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera
- Jul 20, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera
- Aug 12, 2016
- Theatre, Musical Theatre & Cabaret
- Aug 14, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera, Theatre
- Aug 18, 2016
- Theatre, Dance
- Sep 2, 2016
- Theatre, Musical Theatre & Cabaret
- Mar 29, 2012
Attempting to do this work justice in a normal review is a bit like trying to inscribe The Bible on the head of a pin.
- Aug 31, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral
★★★★★ One of the most profoundly thrilling and beautiful musical experiences of this reviewer's life.
- Nov 3, 2011
- Classical Music
We asked budding music writers at the Sydney Conservatorium to review a new Australian classical CD.
- Jul 26, 2013
- Classical Music, Opera
Conductor berates his concertmaster but Albert Hall's <i>Ring</i> cycle receives rave reviews regardless.
- Jan 12, 2011
Ashkenazy recently took the SSO to the Edinburgh Festival, where a reviewer complained of their &#8220;fatally lightweight&#8221; string section. Hopefully the experience proved fatal to that critic.
- May 31, 2012
- Opera
When I received a copy of Magdalena Ko&#382;en&#224;'s Lettere amorose for review several months ago, one of its most exciting points for me &#8211; apart from the disc itself, which I loved &#8211; was the tour schedule attached to it.
- May 31, 2012
- Jazz
CD review: The Idea of North <i>Extraordinary Tale</i> ABC Jazz 476 4524 3.5 stars Singer and self-confessed <i>a cappella</i>-holic Chris May immerses himself in The Idea of North's savvy, upbeat sound.
- Oct 6, 2011
- Classical Music
Cast your vote for the best classical album review from these budding music writers at the Sydney Con.
- Dec 1, 2011
- Audio Visual, Classical Music, Opera
The 100 greatest classical albums ever featured in <i>Limelight</i>, with complete reviews and audio excerpts.
- Apr 2, 2014
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
Or how online arts reviews have the potential to become the hot new place for musical lonely hearts.
- Aug 8, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera
The Festival and a major bank review their advertising with The Australian following Leak's cartoon, widely criticised as racist.


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