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- Jul 8, 2015
- Classical Music, Instrumental
A personal recount from one of Australia’s leading piano technicians.
- Sep 8, 2015
- Classical Music, Chamber, Instrumental
Making a hullabaloo over Miriam Hyde's music for flute and piano.
- Jul 8, 2016
- Classical Music
A snapshot from Preliminary Round 1 Concert 2 of the Sydney International Piano Competition.
- Jul 9, 2016
- Classical Music, Instrumental
A snapshot from Preliminary Round 1 Concert 3 of the Sydney International Piano Competition
- Feb 6, 2014
Woodward probes Prokofiev's highly pungent piano music
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
I recently had the great pleasure of travelling to Hamburg with Alexander Gavrylyuk to personally select two Steinway & Sons concert grand pianos for the 2012 Sydney International Piano Competition.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Three piano trios duke it out at the finals of the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Today's troubadours are tech-savvy, and this one gets the message across with a piano and an iPhone.
- Sep 19, 2011
- Classical Music
- Jan 30, 2014
Hindemith's piano music drives along - but mostly in neutral
- May 18, 2014
Isserlis Senior’s piano music is idiomatic but derivative
- Jan 13, 2011
Stephen Hough’s romantic piano masterclass.
- Jan 13, 2011
Melnikov scales Shostakovich’s piano monolith.
- May 19, 2011
Musical obsessive Stefan Knupfer is a virtuoso among piano tuners.
- Jun 26, 2014
Polish piano music gets the sparkling French touch
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music, Film
Why are film depictions of piano teachers always so creepy? Perhaps they’re telling us a hard truth about music education.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
The Second concert of the 2011 TURA Totally Huge New Music Festival was like a mini festival in itself. It was called <i>Piano Tapestry</i>, and the title proved apt at conveying the kaleidoscopic range of piano talent on display.
- Nov 10, 2016
★★★★☆ Schultz’s piano works range as widely as the great outdoors.
- Jan 11, 2011
Another month, another brace of romantic piano concertos from Hyperion.
- Oct 20, 2011
Manic masterpieces: an eclectic piano recital for the masses.


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