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- Jun 11, 2014
Hyperion spearhead the fortuitous rediscovery of a Russian romantic
- Feb 3, 2015
Thumbs up for Hewitt’s Hyperion Mozartian endeavour.
- Jan 31, 2015
A couple of magnetic Poles walk the Hyperion red carpet.
- Jan 11, 2011
Another month, another brace of romantic piano concertos from Hyperion.
- Jan 19, 2011
This is the fourth in a series of Hyperion CDs devoted to songs and duets of Mendelssohn.
- Jan 13, 2011
The tally is brought up to 49 in Hyperion’s definitive catalogue of romantic piano concertos with this rather weighty one.
- Jan 12, 2011
And still they come: Hyperion’s Romantic Piano series has reached volume No 51, although I hesitate to claim that these two composers quite reach the heights of others in this series.

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