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- Feb 27, 2015
- Musical Theatre & Cabaret
This is either the best party ever, or a one hour nervous breakdown....
- Nov 9, 2015
- Classical Music, Chamber, Light Classics, Musical Theatre & Cabaret
CLASSICAL CABARET: End the 2015 season in style with this Classical Art Songs fascinating and fun programme
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music, Stage
How art song, cabaret and a blow-up doll led me down the winding path to my second album.
- Feb 2, 2012
- Stage
- May 11, 2015
- Musical Theatre & Cabaret
Join Australia’s leading cabaret performers, writers and festival and venue programmers as they chew the (very lean) fat about cabaret, powwow about how to fatten the cabaret calf and kick around the idea of a cabaret cash cow
- Apr 20, 2016
- Musical Theatre & Cabaret
Be transported by the atmosphere and excitement of a Parisian-themed revue with a parade of international entertainers and the daring beauty of exquisitely bejewelled exotic dancers.
- Jun 23, 2017
- Musical Theatre & Cabaret
★★★★½ A bittersweet but nourishing slice of the finest cabaret.
- Mar 6, 2016
- Classical Music, Musical Theatre & Cabaret
★★★★½ Ceberano's evolving cabaret transcends both old and new.
- Jun 2, 2014
- Opera, Stage
Best known to opera audiences, Cherie Boogaart takes to the cabaret stage in her new show Tentación.
- Nov 9, 2013
- Classical Music, Light Classics, Stage
Dame Edna may be hanging up her purple rinse but there's plenty of life in the old dog yet.
- Apr 7, 2014
- Stage
Kate Ceberano talks about her three-year stint as Artistic Director and reveals her top picks for this year.


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