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- Jul 31, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral
On being reminded of the brilliance of Australian artists.
- Oct 8, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral
Capturing an Australian geographical icon in composition.
- Apr 11, 2014
- Classical Music
Australian schools are foundering for want of music budgets. What's to be done?
- Apr 19, 2016
- Classical Music
The Australian composer and publisher shares the tricks of his trade.
- Nov 20, 2014
Timely career-wide summary of a great Australian’s piano music.
- Mar 13, 2012
Backing a winner: Ashkenazy tackles a favourite of Australian listeners.
- Jan 31, 2013
A great Australian guitar ensemble celebrates 25 years of strumming.
- Mar 11, 2013
Melbourne does Mahler: an Australian Resurrection.
- Mar 21, 2013
A confident portrait of an Australian composer across three decades.
- Jun 20, 2013
Fine Australian poems and their musical consequences.
- Oct 10, 2013
An Australian Western that overstays its welcome.
- Nov 7, 2013
New Australian music championed by a dynamic young NZ trio.
- May 8, 2015
Contemporary Australian music that aims to sooth and relax.
- Sep 8, 2015
A celebration of the centenary of an Australian music institution.
- Dec 20, 2014
Contemporary Australian compositions to sooth and relax.
- Feb 29, 2016
★★★★½ A magnificent debut from an Australian abroad.
- Feb 23, 2017
★★★★½ Magnificently curated account of a great Australian century.
- Jan 12, 2016
- Classical Music
In the first of a series of essays, film-maker Nicholas Searle explores contemporary Australian music.
- Dec 3, 2012
- Classical Music
I talk to pianist Mira Yevtich about premiering a new work by Australian composer Grant Foster with tenor Andrew Goodwin
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Emma Jardine from the Streeton Trio shares her ensemble's journey as the only Australian group in this year's competition.


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