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- May 5, 2014
- Classical Music, Jazz, World
Australian guitarist Slava Grigoryan presents his 10 favourite guitar moments (as preserved on YouTube).
- Apr 14, 2011
- Classical Music, Opera
An educational and eclectic tour of music from the middle ages to today illustrated with clips from YouTube.
- Mar 25, 2011
- Classical Music
Within less than a week, the Sydney Opera House YouTube extravaganza has become the most-watched live music concert on the Internet.
- Nov 24, 2011
- Classical Music, Opera
The story of opera from its origins in the Italian Baroque to the singular vision of Wagner and beyond.
- Aug 18, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Opera
The first instalment of David Robertson's epic concert performance of Wagner's tragic love story is free to view.
- Aug 17, 2016
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Chamber, Instrumental
The outspoken conductor, pianist and activist unveils his online plans.
- Nov 2, 2012
Pixelated pianist no more; a YouTube star in the real world.
- Mar 2, 2011
- Classical Music
Robert Murray discovers a new way for classical musicians to connect on video sharing site YouTube.
- Sep 18, 2012
- Classical Music, Film, Light Classics
Sending up Star Wars, The Bourne Identity and Coldplay has landed the goofy duo a record deal.
- Dec 19, 2012
- Classical Music, Jazz, Opera, Stage, World
Australia’s iconic venue has signed an official partnership with the Internet broadcasting giant.
- Jul 15, 2014
- Classical Music
A satirical YouTube video tells the ultimate viola joke.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to perform with the YouTube Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. The ubiquitous Internet video-sharing network behind the concerts has used its seemingly limitless powers - and budget - for good, making one
- Jul 26, 2013
- Classical Music
The popular choral composer's latest concoction goes for YouTube gold with more than 5000 voices.
- Mar 27, 2014
- Classical Music
YouTube sensation 2CELLOS will visit three cities with their second album in May.
- Mar 29, 2014
- Film, Light Classics, Classical Music
Carnegie Hall ensemble releases YouTube clip featuring mashup of 43 cartoon favourites.
- Jun 27, 2016
- Classical Music
YouTube series immortalises classical music's greatest icons using the popular plastic bricks.
- Nov 10, 2011
- Classical Music, Light Classics
With YouTube and reality TV plucking child prodigies out of obscurity, are kids today finding fame too young?
- Nov 29, 2011
- Classical Music, Light Classics
How millions of YouTube hits and a phone call from Elton John rocketed two classically trained cellists to stardom.


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