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- Oct 6, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Chamber, Instrumental, Vocal & Choral, Opera
With LP nostalgia now playing a major role in classical music purchases, we open our ears to a blast from the past.
- Sep 9, 2016
★★★★★ The treasurable legacy of the 20th century’s most recorded violinist.
- Oct 14, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera
Check out this exclusive preview of the opera star's In War and Peace: Harmony Through Music.
- Sep 19, 2014
- Classical Music, Opera
In partnership with Warner Classics, here are ten of La Divina's stellar career highlights.
- Feb 26, 2015
- Classical Music, Opera
Antonio Pappano conducts an all-star cast for the sensational Warner Classics release.
- May 19, 2017
- Classical Music, Opera
Warner Classics has announced a newly remastered box set containing many of the soprano's finest stage performances.
- Sep 15, 2017
- Classical Music, Opera
★★★★☆ Engineers at Warner Classics have striven to address some tricky recordings. So have they succeeded?
- May 23, 2017
- Classical Music
Warner Classics’ Bertrand Castellani talks about the great cellist, who was larger than life both on and off the stage.
- Nov 6, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Chamber, Instrumental
★★★★★ A beautifully produced tribute celebrates the great violinist’s 70th birthday.
- May 13, 2016
★★★★☆ Warners gives Bostridge an autograph to celebrate his 50th.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music, Jazz, World
Why classical music gets swept under the red carpet.
- Mar 7, 2016
- Classical Music, Orchestral
Biggest classical must gathering comes to the Hydro Majestic.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Lists of classical works such as the Classic 100 tend to focus on the positive, but we can learn just as much by doing the opposite...
- Aug 28, 2014
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Instrumental, Opera
Warners’ wiz kids subject La Divina to the freezing water treatment.
- Aug 15, 2013
A poignant modern take on the Henry James classic.
- Jun 22, 2015
Warm advocacy sees Classical flute concerti rescued from oblivion.
- Apr 15, 2015
All good classic recordings have an element of nostalgia.
- Sep 15, 2017
★★★☆☆ An most agreeable collection of classic violin sonatas.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
How an exciting new social phenomenon has the power to transform classical music.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Some reflections on Arvo Pärt's win at the Classic BRIT Awards.


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