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- Jun 13, 2017
- Classical Music, Orchestral
★★★★☆ Byrne resurrects the doomed tale of a charismatic leader and his New Australia.
- Jan 11, 2011
- Opera
- May 25, 2015
- Classical Music, Instrumental, Audio Visual, Jazz
Premiere performance by 12-piece ensemble of new compositions by Lloyd Swanton, inspired by the diary of his POW uncle. The Ambon concert creates beauty out of great horror and offers an insight into a little known tragedy in our history.
- Jul 4, 2016
- Jazz
Phillip Johnston will return to Riverside Theatres with his new seven-piece ensemble to present a feel-good afternoon of original swinging jazz, blues and Latin music.
- Aug 7, 2015
- Classical Music, Chamber
The Shock of the New
- Jun 1, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Chamber, Instrumental, Vocal & Choral
Winner of countless brass band championships and stars of the hit film Brassed Off! these sons of Yorkshire display all the power and glory of great brass music in a concert sure to thrill.
- Dec 11, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral
Creating environmental awareness through the medium of the symphony.
- Jan 20, 2016
- Theatre
The team at Citizen Theatre share why the next 12 months is about the female of the species.
- Jul 10, 2015
- Classical Music, Chamber
Demystifying the compositional process.
- Mar 12, 2013
- Classical Music
A pair of starry deps keep the wheels on the wagon for the Streeton Trio.
- May 8, 2015
- Classical Music
The good news and the bad news... but mostly the good news.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera
In celebration of the age of the Met at the local cinema, Sarah Noble delves into the history of opera singers on the silver screen, from forgotten Hollywood gems to The Princess Diaries.
- Aug 27, 2012
- Classical Music
My journey from the English seaside town of Aldeburgh to the Royal Albert Hall for the Proms.
- May 22, 2013
- Classical Music, Opera
Thoughts on the Chatelet, premiering John Adams, and the view from the conductors room.
- Aug 1, 2016
- Classical Music, Orchestral
The halfway, the Het and the hiccup: cellist Julia Janiszewski fills us in on the latest from abroad.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music, Film
We're really getting down to the nitty-gritty on <i>The Good, the Bad and the Awkward</i> now &#8212; the nuts and bolts, the details. This is actually the part of the process that I like the best&#8230; Dare I say perhaps even more than recording or perf
- Jun 13, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral
The satisfaction of rediscovering old favourites.


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