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- Nov 21, 2012
- Classical Music
Tos Mahoney, director of the dynamic Perth new music organisation, on the state of new music in WA today.
- Jul 29, 2017
- Classical Music, Opera
The work in progress showing of Cat Hope's new experimental sound opera left one writer virtually speechless.
- Aug 12, 2016
- World
Tura New Music presents Indigenous music icons Mark Atkins and Stephen Pigram with the Narli Ensemble for a dynamic and inspiring celebration of Australian music.
- Aug 30, 2017
- Classical Music, Chamber
★★★½☆ Intercurrent demonstrates a contemporary music scene alive, evolving and thriving.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Opening night at Perth's most daring music festival was a transcendent experience of cosmic proportions.
- Aug 22, 2017
- Classical Music
Lyle Chan, Peter de Jager, Speak Percussion, Moorambilla Voices and Tura New Music among the winners at this year's awards.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
The Second concert of the 2011 TURA Totally Huge New Music Festival was like a mini festival in itself. It was called <i>Piano Tapestry</i>, and the title proved apt at conveying the kaleidoscopic range of piano talent on display.
- Apr 12, 2017
- Classical Music, Chamber
★★★★☆ Kate Neal’s ear for the intricate and eye for flair created a complex metallic sound world.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
How an exciting new social phenomenon has the power to transform classical music.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Phrases such as "new music" and "contemporary classical" just aren't cutting it.
- Jan 12, 2015
- Classical Music, Vocal & Choral
Soprano and new music pioneer Jane Sheldon reveals why she is a singer who envies the birds.
- Apr 26, 2015
Works old and new woven into a beautiful musical garland.
- Nov 7, 2013
New Australian music championed by a dynamic young NZ trio.
- Nov 21, 2014
New arrangements of familiar music from MGQ.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
A thrill for any young composer - the premiere of his music in the Big Apple.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Alex gets his choral on in performances with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Chamber Choir and in Michael Nyman's new work.
- Aug 12, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
Flying to New York to meet this 103-year-old titan of modern music was an intimidating yet illuminating experience.
- Jul 19, 2017
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage, Theatre, Musical Theatre & Cabaret
MELBA A New Australian Musical developed through New Musicals Australia will play Hayes Theatre Co from August 11 with the season extended to September 9.
- Feb 15, 2013
- Classical Music
They may have been chattering away on their mobile phones, but audiences on The Australian Voices&#8217; tour to China were keen to hear new music from Down Under.


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