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- Feb 1, 2017
- Musical Theatre & Cabaret
★★★☆☆ Too much f**king and not enough fun pulls Kander and Ebb's political teeth.
- Nov 28, 2014
- Classical Music, Instrumental
Cajic, Im and Raineri announced winners of the 2014 Theme and Variations Foundation Awards
- Feb 18, 2013
- Classical Music, Opera
On fear and (self) loathing - oh, and auditions.
- Feb 12, 2014
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
Getting bearings, keeping cool and talking classical music chalk and cheese.
- May 31, 2012
- Opera
A video gala of swine, women and song...
- Jul 3, 2013
- Classical Music
On saying farewell to Sydney and sightseeing in Barcelona.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
Today's troubadours are tech-savvy, and this one gets the message across with a piano and an iPhone.
- Nov 14, 2011
- Opera, Classical Music
- Jul 9, 2013
- Classical Music
Farewelling Barcelona, the choir arrives in Lyon and is greeted by new adventures.
- Sep 8, 2015
- Classical Music, Chamber, Instrumental
Making a hullabaloo over Miriam Hyde's music for flute and piano.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera
It's <i>Parsifal</i> and picnics by the lake for Sarah's operatic sojourn in Switzerland.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
How did I find myself in a water taxi chasing after a barge bedecked and bedazzled with bling?
- Jul 30, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
My first impressions of Townsville - and the opening night concert.
- Aug 1, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
Plenty of food for thought as violins, viola, cellos and basses take centre stage
- Sep 7, 2012
- Classical Music
This phenomenally gifted composer&#8217;s legacy still resounds across both popular and classical music.
- Jan 27, 2013
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
Max Richter&#8217;s Vivaldi Recomposed: adventures in postminimalism and musical renovation.
- Feb 15, 2013
- Classical Music
The virtues of age and experience may be underrated when it comes to music.
- Jun 13, 2013
- Classical Music
On learning to swing along with James Morrison and finding a good tailor.


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