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- Jun 13, 2017
- Classical Music, Orchestral
★★★★☆ Byrne resurrects the doomed tale of a charismatic leader and his New Australia.
- Aug 29, 2013
Hot concert starters tempered with a cool Nordic breeze.
- Feb 27, 2014
Dazzling Carnegie concert from the latest star in the firmament
- Jul 30, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
The Morning After: Concert Conversations & Musical Moments
- Aug 19, 2014
Daring violin virtuoso Hilary Hahn finds 27 new ways to close a concert.
- Jan 11, 2011
This CD is from a concert given in London’s Royal Festival Hall in 2008.
- May 31, 2012
- Classical Music
The verdict on the new concert hall in Chatswood, Sydney.
- Jul 30, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera, Stage
My first impressions of Townsville - and the opening night concert.
- Jun 12, 2015
- Classical Music, Vocal & Choral
Ahead of their anniversary concert, Nicholas Routley shares the choir's history.
- Jul 8, 2016
- Classical Music
A snapshot from Preliminary Round 1 Concert 2 of the Sydney International Piano Competition.
- Jul 9, 2016
- Classical Music, Instrumental
A snapshot from Preliminary Round 1 Concert 3 of the Sydney International Piano Competition
- Jul 14, 2012
- Classical Music, Opera
Beethoven, Mahler and Wagner on the tenor's first concert tour back in Australia since 2010.
- Dec 17, 2012
- Classical Music
In China, the word for 'concert' has a similar but not altogether identical meaning to the english word.
- Jun 23, 2013
- Classical Music
From Conservatorium to concert platform, Brisbane Baroque has been prepared to put in the hard yards.
- Oct 19, 2013
- Classical Music
Australia's youngest symphony orchestra play the first ever concert at Australia's oldest venue: the mighty Ayers Rock.
- Aug 16, 2012
- Classical Music
- Apr 27, 2011
Ashkenazy would seem to be an unlikely Elgarian; however, his series of Elgar concerts with the SSO in 2008 were a great success.
- Jan 21, 2013
- Classical Music
The Sydney Opera House went from architectural controversy to style icon within a few short years, but what does the future hold for our newest concert halls?
- Jun 5, 2012
- Classical Music


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