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- Feb 22, 2017
- Classical Music
A surprising branch of Alexander Briger’s family tree sees his Moscow opera engagement turn into a media frenzy.
- Apr 21, 2011
- Classical Music
Alexander Briger's new all-Australian orchestra welcomes back our top expat musicians.
- Oct 6, 2016
- Classical Music
Zubin Mehta recommends the Australian World Orchestra’s Alexander Briger for a six-concert series.
- Nov 21, 2016
- Classical Music, Orchestral
Alexander Briger has wowed audiences as the second Australian ever to conduct the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.
- Feb 2, 2014
- Classical Music
Cellist who premiered works by Schnittke, Sculthorpe and Brett Dean passes away at 65.
- Jan 12, 2011
Pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk's masterful Prokofiev concertos with Ashkenazy and the SSO.
- Jan 12, 2011
Pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk's masterful Prokofiev concertos with Ashkenazy and the SSO.
- Jul 15, 2014
- Classical Music, Opera
Back home in Australia for WA Opera's Magic Flute, the tenor tell tales of growing up in a famous opera family.
- Jun 10, 2011
- Classical Music
The Russian virtuoso talks Moonlight Sonata and Ashkenazy ahead of his return to Australia.
- Mar 4, 2016
- Classical Music, Instrumental
Piano virtuoso Alexander Gavrylyuk presents a spectacular program comprised of works by Schubert, Chopin, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff and Balakirev.
- Sep 9, 2016
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Chamber, Instrumental, Vocal & Choral
Over a lifetime that witnessed unprecedented musical and social upheaval in his homeland of Russia, this composer remained resolutely his own man.
- Jan 8, 2017
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Opera
As a contemporary of Strauss and Schoenberg, it was inevitable that Zemlinsky’s brilliance would be overshadowed.
- Aug 10, 2017
- Classical Music, Instrumental
The pianist talks about the challenges of Rachmaninov, surrendering to the music, and being one with the orchestra.


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