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- Mar 23, 2014
- Classical Music
Ray Chen wins hearts and minds with Shostakovich while Matheuz has a few idiosyncratic ideas on offer.
- Apr 6, 2014
- Classical Music
Mustonen and the MSO bring the chill of the north to bear on an April night in Melbourne.
- May 27, 2014
- Classical Music
A real treat for Elgar fans, or any dreamers of dreams, despite difficult acoustic.
- Jul 24, 2015
Best mates' bel canto approach really makes their Chopin sing.
- Aug 16, 2014
- Classical Music, Instrumental
Wit and affection for new music make for an accessible program.
- Aug 22, 2014
- Theatre
A private invitation into the mind of the world’s most influential diva.
- Sep 29, 2014
- Classical Music, Opera
Tim Winton’s acclaimed novel comes to life in stylish new opera.
- Oct 29, 2014
- Classical Music, Chamber
Johnny Greenwood's a standout amongst an evening of mixed Beethovian pleasures.
- Nov 16, 2014
- Classical Music, Orchestral
An enjoyable, but flawed performance of Mahler’s massive Resurrection symphony.
- Nov 20, 2014
- Classical Music, Orchestral
A marathon effort of Mahler’s challenging Resurrection Symphony.
- Feb 13, 2015
- Classical Music, Opera
Left Bauer and The Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus' reduced scale production still maintains the drama.
- May 5, 2015
Fifty years on, this period band go from strength to strength.
- Jun 6, 2015
New Mozart recording proves quite a cut above the average.
- Oct 6, 2015
★★★★☆ Persian master pianist takes on a Persian master composer.
- Nov 6, 2015
★★★½☆ One for the dancer in us all, though Swan Lake it ain’t.
- Apr 25, 2015
Stutzmann’s Handel proves a contralto really can do it all.
- Dec 22, 2015
★★★★☆ Familiar and the not so gets you more Russians for your rouble.
- Mar 23, 2016
★★★★☆ Lacey does far more than just tiptoe through the tulips.
- May 19, 2016
★★★★½ Shelley polishes Mendelssohn’s bite-sized jewels for piano.
- Aug 19, 2016
★★½☆☆ A tenor to watch, if perhaps not an album worth buying.


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