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- Sep 6, 2013
- Classical Music
How the Baroque master used maths, physics and the power of God to create music of stunning complexity.
- Jul 23, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral
Australian World Orchestra's Guest Conductor helps shed light on the Eighth Symphony of the Austrian behemoth.
- Jul 24, 2015
Bright young strings kick off their brand new Beethoven cycle in style.
- Jul 24, 2015
Hewitt’s latest combines Bachian clarity with Lisztian dazzle.
- Apr 29, 2015
Butt’s Well-Tempered is surely as Johann Sebastian intended.
- May 9, 2015
Label switching superstars score one for the independents.
- Jun 6, 2015
Chailly's Leipzigers revel in Brahms' twin songs of the earth.
- Jul 8, 2015
Biss’s Beethoven reaches volume four with appassionata to spare.
- Jul 8, 2015
A premature full monty from the man who channels Beethoven.
- Jul 21, 2015
It’s got the lot: birds, rocks and the song of the star Aldebaran.
- Aug 19, 2015
Burney thought them vile, but Lawes’ Royal extravagances are entirely viol.
- Oct 6, 2015
★★½ Knights on the charge both with, and at, Dumbarton Oaks.
- Apr 18, 2015
The birthday presents have started for this 90-year-old iconoclast.
- Apr 17, 2015
Four-handed pianistic Rite proves a percussionist’s delight.
- Feb 20, 2015
B Minor blossoms thanks to Cohen's eclectic choral fusion approach.
- Dec 7, 2015
★★★★★ Harnoncourt’s imaginative Schubert demands our full attention.
- Dec 7, 2015
★★½☆☆ One for the fans as series goes out with more of a whimper.
- Dec 11, 2015
- Classical Music, Chamber
Charles Burney dismissed them as vile, but William Lawes’ Royal extravagances are most definitely viol.
- Dec 11, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral
Messiaen’s masterwork goes for the lot: rocks, birds and throws in the song of the star Aldebaran for good measure.
- Oct 24, 2013
- Classical Music
From Messiaen and Boulez to Reich and Zappa, no musician after Stravinsky could fail to be influenced by his revolutionary score.


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