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- May 2, 2011
- Light Classics, Stage
Composer Lucy Simon eschewed the bright lights of Broadway to stage her new musical in Australia.
- Oct 26, 2012
- Stage
Bell Shakespeare, dir Lee Lewis<br /> Playhouse, Sydney Opera House<br /> October 25
- Oct 6, 2015
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Vocal & Choral
Celebrating 25 years on stage, Angela Gheorghiu comes to Australia trailing a reputation as long as a Diva’s train.
- Nov 6, 2015
- Theatre
Vizard and Grabowsky ask will the last 114 year-old digger please turn the lights out?
- Jun 27, 2016
- Classical Music, Instrumental, Visual Art
The concert pianist is the subject of one of the entries in this year’s Archibald Prize.
- Jul 15, 2016
- Theatre
The veteran actor talks about playing Malvolio and embracing the shock of the new.
- Jul 16, 2016
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Vocal & Choral, Theatre
★★★☆☆ A concert that doesn't defy gravity but has moments of magic.
- Jul 20, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera
★★★★½ A beautiful production where gentle comedy makes way for profound sadness.
- Jul 26, 2016
- Classical Music, Orchestral, Chamber, Instrumental, Vocal & Choral, Opera, Theatre, Dance
The Royal Shakespeare Company and Tim Minchin's musical wins a record 13 awards at this year's Bobbys.
- Jul 27, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera
★★★½☆ Glorious music-making carries the day despite a clunky plot and static staging.
- Aug 3, 2016
- Theatre
Kip Williams takes the reins while STC hunts for a new Artistic Director.
- Aug 2, 2016
- Classical Music, Jazz, Theatre, Musical Theatre & Cabaret, Film, Visual Art, Dance
Glass, Lepage and some Canadian ice-skaters help Jonathan Holloway blur borders in his inaugural programme.
- Aug 5, 2016
- Theatre
The veteran comedian doesn’t really know what a YouTube channel is, but he's gone and launched one anyway.
- Aug 4, 2016
- Musical Theatre & Cabaret
The 86-year-old composer hopes his Buñuel-themed musical will open around the same time as Thomas Adès’s opera.
- Aug 5, 2016
- Visual Art
The winners of the 33rd National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards have been announced.
- Aug 5, 2016
- Theatre, Musical Theatre & Cabaret
Meet the composer who put the horrors into the Little Shop and who's now polishing up Aladdin's lamp.
- Aug 8, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera
The Festival and a major bank review their advertising with The Australian following Leak's cartoon, widely criticised as racist.
- Aug 9, 2016
- Theatre, Musical Theatre & Cabaret, Dance
British choreographer's explosive dance-theatre work inspired by William Golding's novel makes its Australian debut in 2017.
- Aug 7, 2016
- Classical Music, Chamber
In between gigging with Ben Folds, the hip Brooklyn group is taking part in a unique exchange with like-minded Sydney musos.
- Aug 3, 2016
- Classical Music, Opera
The curse of the Ring strikes Opera Australia again as Greer Grimsley pulls out due to ill health.


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