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- Apr 8, 2011
High-end science fiction: this book-based drama stumbles at times, but successfully transitions from page to screen.
- Apr 12, 2011
This mixed Cuban choir really packs a punch.
- Apr 27, 2011
An imperfect storm - this version of <i>The Tempest</i> presents a good but unspectacular vision of the classic tale.
- May 19, 2011
Heartfelt family drama: Loosely spun, but still an engaging story.
- Jun 21, 2011
A distinctive new voice: Julia Leigh&#8217;s film is no average debut.
- Jul 12, 2011
The edge of dance: Wim Wenders takes Pina Bausch into 3D.
- Aug 4, 2011
Breath of fresh Eyre: a fine example of literary adaptation.
- Aug 8, 2011
A charming animated hommage to Jacques Tati.
- Aug 23, 2011
Flawed beauty: aesthetically pleasing but problematic.
- Sep 15, 2011
A perfect storm: literature comes to life with a bang.
- Oct 13, 2011
Allen&#8217;s on the money: Woody Allen proves he&#8217;s still got it.
- Oct 26, 2011
Great play, bad film: fine performances stymied by screenplay.
- Dec 15, 2011
Less really is more when it comes to well-crafted comedy.
- Jan 9, 2012
Farcical but fascinating: Pedro Almod&#243;var pulls it off once again.
- Feb 1, 2012
Retro charm: the glory of silent cinema is resurrected.
- Feb 23, 2012
Shakespeare reloaded: Coriolanus is transported to modern times.
- May 8, 2012
Comme ci, comme ca: Lightweight rom-com gets a Gallic shrug.
- May 8, 2012
French disconnection: loose threads make for a frustrating film.
- Jun 21, 2012
First-rate period drama about Enlightenment Sweden.
- Jun 21, 2012
Labaki balances sharp comedy with serious underlying issues.


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