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- Sep 8, 2011
- Classical Music
Ten years after the September 11 attacks, Reich makes sense of the tragedy in a haunting new work.
- Aug 17, 2012
- World
Once a town known primarily for bedsheets, Manchester is now vying with the world capitals as a centre for creativity, as Julian Day discovers.
- Jan 30, 2013
- Classical Music
Glass sparked the minimalist revolution – then pronounced it dead. But he's still propelled by the manic energy of those early works.
- Aug 8, 2014
- Classical Music
A visit with the composer who, in a career spanning six decades, has come to define Australian classical music.
- Feb 12, 2014
- Classical Music
ABC Classic FM's Julian Day spoke to all-round musician Bryce Dessner ahead of his Perth Festival classical gig.
- Apr 22, 2014
- Classical Music, Film
Eisenstein and Prokofiev made one of the great war films. But how did they manage to keep Stalin happy?
- Jun 14, 2014
- Classical Music
How did a Sydney boy end up becoming Master of the Queen's Music and just how did it all go so horribly wrong?
- Jun 28, 2014
- Classical Music
How did a Sydney boy end up Master of the Queen's Music, and how did it all go so horribly wrong?
- Jan 11, 2011
Cuarteto Casuals play three smart quartets.
- Jan 13, 2011
For four and a half years, composer Andrew Ford dedicated himself to a form that musical history left behind long ago – the humble waltz.
- Apr 5, 2011
The BBC Symphony brings its richness and majesty to Lutoslawski's colourful, clever and compelling music.
- Apr 12, 2011
The quiet achiever shines: <i>Liminal</i> is a triumph for Melbourne composer Nick Tsiavos.
- May 31, 2011
A lavish collection of multifaceted orchestral works from one of Australia's most important composers.
- Aug 4, 2011
You'd be surprised what just two violins can do on this disc of exuberant Australian music.
- Aug 17, 2011
First-rate performances but little mystery or surprise on this disc of Australian concertos.
- Aug 29, 2011
An intimate, warmly human approach to minimalism from this broadminded Australian pianist.
- Nov 8, 2011
A seriously ambitious new Australian work, set alight by spirited young Sydney guitarist Zane Banks.
- Dec 8, 2011
Edwardes colours everything she plays with exuberance, intelligence and sensitivity and offers us here a great percussion primer.
- May 8, 2012
New choral works from the composer for the Royal Wedding: best enjoyed in small, delicious doses.
- Oct 12, 2012
A virtuosic collection of new Aussie works for sax and piano.


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