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- Aug 15, 2011
- Light Classics, Stage
Excerpts from <i>Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman</i> etc.<br /> Shaun Micallef; SSO/Guy Noble<br /> Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, August 12
- Aug 6, 2012
- Classical Music
Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Aug 3<br /> Replacement maestro Hr&#367;&#353;a handles the heavy artillery of Brahms and Rachmaninov
- Nov 2, 2013
- Classical Music
Perahia makes his long-awaited Australian debut with grace, style and aplomb.
- Nov 9, 2013
- Classical Music
Ashkenazy masters massed forces of SSO and Philharmonia Choirs in eloquent prayer for peace.
- Jan 19, 2014
- Classical Music
Early music royalty rock the recital hall to bring the first week of Sydney Festival's classical program to a rousing conclusion.
- Feb 10, 2014
- Classical Music
Dawn Upshaw tours with the ACO after their triple grammy whammy.
- Apr 20, 2014
- Classical Music, Opera, Film
How did one composer document, and survive, the 20th century's most brutal political experiment?
- May 10, 2014
- Classical Music
SSO on form helping Luk&#225;&#353; Vondr&#225;&#269;ek to scale the mountain that is "The Rach 3".
- Jun 17, 2014
- Classical Music
Warmth, suppleness and even playfulness abound as Ax and Robertson continues their exemplary cycle.
- Jan 2, 2011
Adam Herd may be sporty, but he's also a superb pianist, as his debut release proves.
- Jan 3, 2011
By the 1920s, Bela Bart&#243;k had hit his personal stride, synthesising three quite distinct influences &#173;&#173;&#8211; Hungarian folk music, dissonant modernism and an orchestral mastery learned from Richard Strauss &#8211; to create a unique style.
- Jan 3, 2011
Ravel&#8217;s two piano concertos are very different from each other: the Left Hand Concerto is a work of mystery and sinew, while the late G major concerto is cheeky, light-hearted and buoyant.
- Jan 3, 2011
The provenance of Shostakovich&#8217;s Op 87 is well known.
- Jan 11, 2011
Young Sergei Prokofiev wrote his first two piano concertos with the aim of impressing his examiners at the St Petersburg Conservatory and the concert-going public.
- Jan 12, 2011
Unlike his earlier operas, Richard Strauss&#8217;s <i>Der Rosenkavalier</i> (1910) contains lush, romantic passages that tie it to his lieder and point towards the late masterpieces, of which the <i>Four Last Songs</i> (1948) are the best known.
- Jan 12, 2011
When, in 1945, a hit movie called A Song to Remember told the Hollywood version of the life of Chopin, it cemented in the public&#8217;s mind the image of what a Romantic composer should be &#8211; an emotional, highly strung and misunderstood individual, whose music miraculously appeared overnight as a result of sweat-soaked &#8220;inspiration&#8221;.
- Jan 13, 2011
In 1843, poet Emanuel von Geibel (1815-1884) published a collection of German translations of Spanish folksongs which caught the eye of several composers.
- Mar 22, 2011
Muti&#8217;s is a performance with a sharp feeling for drama.
- Mar 22, 2011
Softly shaded Schumann: Stephanie McCallum is understated but fresh.
- Mar 29, 2011
Gergiev's readings are sharp in attack and atmospheric in texture.


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