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After a completely sold out Melbourne season, The Book of Mormon will open in Sydney in February.
In an exclusive interview with Limelight, Anna Netrebko speaks about life, art and the things she won't do anymore.
Alf Clausen, responsible for some of the show’s most iconic songs, was told producers wanted “a different kind of music.”
Horizons to broaden as Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts teams up with the elite Manchester music school.
New works by Nakkiah Lui, Osamah Sami and Michele Lee feature alongside the return of Picnic and a new Melancholia.
Dan Fabbio performed a piece on the saxophone during surgery to remove a brain tumour.
The Sydney Symphony Orchestra has been acknowledged for its longstanding artistic relationship with China.
The virtuoso Australian shepherd named Braille is racking up trick dog titles, giving sighted dogs a run for their money.
Bayreuth audiences had a surprise this week when Catherine Foster sustained an injury during Götterdämmerung.
A world-class Tristan and a handful of classical music's biggest beasts are joined by a raft of top soloists and premieres.