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His Bach Cello Suites has been recognised at the AIR Awards, as was James Morrison and Don Burrows' In Good Company.
Protestors from the Paris-based women’s rights group FEMEN disrupted Woody Allen’s concert in Germany.
The 2017 annual review demonstrates significant increases across ticket sales, attendance, and visitor spend.
The National Arts Participation Survey shows attendance has grown but more people are ambiguous about public funding.
State Symphony Orchestra Chairmen express collective disappointment at station’s less talk, more music direction.
Julie Kerr has founded Music Love, an online platform to showcase women across all branches of the Australian music industry.
A study by Help Musicians UK suggests 71% of musicians suffer anxiety and 69% experience depression.
The AFC presents three festivals, a piano series, cocktail concerts and more as redevelopment work continues in 2107.
A mix of public and private investment will deliver state of the art acoustics for the new Ian Potter Centre by 2018.
Helen Gifford OAM heads the diverse list of artists and their notable works rewarded in Melbourne.