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Lyndon Terracini has had his contract as OA Artistic Director extended until 2021.
Wesley Enoch was booed when he said next year's concert will be in Parramatta – but it's not a decision he's taken lightly.
The Australian conductor, composer, scholar and Knight of Malta has passed away age 71.
Singers include Daniel Sumegi, Isabel Leonard, Nathan Gunn, Lawrence Brownlee, Patricia Racette and Matthew Polenzani.
The national opera company selects four young singers from regional Australia who will get to learn from the best.
The French conductor (and close associate of Maria Callas), who thought of himself as Viennese, has passed away at 92.
A planned performance of excerpts from the avant-garde 20th-century masterpiece has drawn condemnations of “elitism”.
Following an online backlash, sources maintain that the Italian tenor will not perform at the ceremony.
Soprano Emma Matthews has won Limelight's Australian Artist of the Year 2016.
The Italian tenor may have accepted an offer to join Jackie Evancho in a duet at the ceremony.