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Classical Music

Blush Opera among the young artists from Western Sydney to be given funding to undertake new projects.
Teaming up with Cancer Research UK, the orchestra has reimagined the piece to highlight the importance of charity legacies.
“It is beyond our comprehension,” say Gale Edwards, Julie Lynch and Brian Thomson that they aren't in charge of the remount.
The organisation’s Australian Composer List Project draws on input from artistic directors and curators from around the country.
"Orchestral commissions more typically go to men," says the composer whose new work is inspired by Olive Pink’s Botanic Garden.
Neil Armfield and Rachel Healy's debut programme has finished with the biggest takings in the Festival's history.
Local musician Wil Thomas stumbled across a 16-year-old playing the dumped, battered but still functional piano.
The bass baritone has won the YMF Australia Award, with prizes going to Anna Dowsley, Eva Kong and Andrew Moran.
The Turnbull Government’s volte face will see $61 million returned to the Australia Council over four years.
Sigismond Thalberg’s gruesome remains were found in the corner of his mausoleum by his great-great-granddaughter.