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Classical Music

Opera Queensland is offering 2,500 specially discounted $25 tickets to the French grand opera.
Although the man tried to explain why he was practising while driving, the police remained unconvinced.
In his latest gaffe, the US President has trumpeted his friendship with the great tenor – who died in 2007.
Steve Davislim's Tito will also be among the highlights to catch the ears of Aussie audiences.
A school girl in the US, with no left hand, is giving the violin a red hot go after students built her a hot pink prosthetic arm.
The Australian violinist speaks to Limelight about winning the ₤6,000 prize and where she's going from here.
Community college is a winner after a stunning collection of coins was discovered stashed in a piano by a local tuner.
Daily Review reports that their Deputy Editor has been denied media tickets to OA’s upcoming Two Weddings, One Bride.
Claire Huang took to the stage in New York after being placed second in an international piano and strings competition.
The Russian soprano will perform opera highlights this October with her husband Yusif Eyvazov, in Melbourne and Sydney.