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Vocal & Choral

Dustyesky, who focus on Russian songs and drinking vodka, are making headlines on the other side of the world.
Limelight talks to Russell Torrance about this year's strong contenders, Puccini's emotional manipulation, and the passion of the tuba.
Works will range from opera, electronics, and immersive live performance, with two thirds of funding going to women composers.
For her first Queensland Music Festival, Noonan is asking Australians to take part in a concert called You’re The Voice.
Sony Australia has chosen the Sydney radio host to feature on the inaugural album for its new Masterworks label.
The sepulchral German bass, a go-to for Kleiber and Karajan, has passed away aged 78.
Lyric tenor Kang Wang joins 19 finalists in the popular international opera competition.
With a turn as Wagner's tortured knight and an intelligent solo recital, Kaufmann makes a triumphant return to the stage.
The SOH, Australian National Academy of Music and Pacific Opera announce a new concert series in the Utzon Room.
The early music specialists will head to Australia to mark the occasion with madrigals from Cremona and Mantua.