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Limelight talks to Russell Torrance about this year's strong contenders, Puccini's emotional manipulation, and the passion of the tuba.
Listeners generally preferred new instruments over Stradivaris in the largest ever blind testing experiment.
The new instrument, valued at $1.4 million, is an Amati and was played by the cellist Amaryllis Fleming.
Works will range from opera, electronics, and immersive live performance, with two thirds of funding going to women composers.
Although the man tried to explain why he was practising while driving, the police remained unconvinced.
A school girl in the US, with no left hand, is giving the violin a red hot go after students built her a hot pink prosthetic arm.
Claire Huang took to the stage in New York after being placed second in an international piano and strings competition.
The dynamic duo have taken to the streets for a busking marathon to send them round the world.
The Aussie composer's How Forests think has been shortlisted in the Chamber-Scale Composition category.
Louis Moss has received a scholarship to play at Jesus College, becoming the youngest ever Oxford organist.