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March 2017


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Issue: March 2017

Pure dynamite
The Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s dynamic new Chief, Alondra de la Parra, arrives in Brisbane with a classic case of great expectations. The Mexican maestro talks to Limelight about the often delicate art of inspiring an ensemble and her unshakable faith in the power of music.

Russian soul
The events of 1917 changed the course of history, but Russian music has had more than its fair share of revolutionary upheavals in the past 200 years. Read our rough guide.

A man for all seasons
Most people are familiar with Van Gogh’s self portraits and Starry Night. But it’s his depictions of the natural world and the changing seasons that provide a real glimpse into the artist’s soul.

Savagery rebourne
Famous for his Swan Lake with all-male swans, Matthew Bourne explains how his adaptation of Lord of the Flies, featuring boys who have never danced before, has been changing lives.

Countertenor Franco Fagioli
Growing up in Argentina, he joked about imitating women's voices. Clive Paget talks to a singer who studied bel canto because no-one taught countertenor, and learns why high isn't the be all and end all.

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Articles in this magazine


Vincent van Gogh: a man for all seasons

in Angus McPherson - - April 18, 2017
Most people are familiar with the self portraits, but it is the artist’s depictions of nature that provide a glimpse into his soul.

Did you hear about Robert Schumann’s secret sex diary?

in Angus McPherson - - April 18, 2017
The Romantic’s housekeeping books reveal more than just the Marks and the Pfennigs.

D’oh! Homer and Bart Simpson as gods?

in Jo Litson - - April 15, 2017
In this provocative hit comedy, pop culture is the new, post-apocalyptic religion.

Pure Dynamite: Alondra de la Parra

in Gillian Wills - - April 15, 2017
The Mexican maestro on the fine art of inspiring an ensemble and her unshakable faith in the power of music.

Richard Gill: Let’s celebrate a fine romance

in Richard Gill - - April 14, 2017
For the conductor and educator, it’s good to see new initiatives providing new opportunities for young musicians.

Russian Soul: Revolutions in Russian music

in Clive Paget - - April 13, 2017
The events of 1917 changed the course of history but Russian music has had more than its share of revolutions.