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July 2017


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Issue: July 2017

The Music That Time Forgot
The history of classical music can sometimes be boiled down to a very long list of composers, many of whom were highly regarded in their own lifetimes but languish forgotten by concert programmers today. So which of them rank as ‘the best of the rest’? We asked seven leading maestros who they consider truly underrated, and who they would happily pick up a baton for given half a chance.

Simone Young
The self-confessed workaholic explains the joys of freelancing, her Parsifal nightmares, and why now she will only stay in a hotel with a pool.

The Memory of Music
In an extract from his new book, Andrew Ford reflects on the state of Australian music in 1983 and its leading light, Peter Sculthorpe.

The End of the Piers Show
As Piers Lane prepares to pass the baton at the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, we look back on the career of one of our great pianists.

The Tick Tock Principle
Why, when a clock goes ‘tick, tick’ do we hear ‘tick, tock’? Do we simply make assumptions, or are we hardwired to insist on certain rhythms?

John Curro
A look at the life and times of the Queensland maestro, mentor and music maker who founded a youth orchestra and a great deal more.

Kristian Bezuidenhout
The South African-born, Gold Coast-educated fortepianist has an intense bond with Mozart. Clive Paget talks to him about the joy of the music and the man, and the therapeutic effect of mixing a good cocktail.

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Did you hear about the double bassist and his living dolls?

in Angus McPherson - - 4 days ago
Domenico Dragonetti was so mad about his dolls they even got front row seats at his concerts.

Discover the music that time forgot

in Limelight Magazine - - August 22, 2017
We asked seven of our leading maestros which underrated composer they would like to be conducting, given half a chance.

The tick-tock principle in music

in Benjamin Martin - - August 18, 2017
Why when a clock goes tick-tick do we hear tick-tock? An investigation into a trick of the mind throws up some surprising results.

Richard Meale's Voss, thirty years on

in Vincent Plush - - August 18, 2017
The operatic version of Patrick White’s novel is legendary. How long have we to wait before someone takes up the cause?

Oh, so loverly to work with the first Eliza

in Jo Litson - - August 15, 2017
Christopher Gattelli could have danced all night when Julie Andrews approached him.