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★★★★☆ Plenty of Aussies and next year's Sydney Gurnemanz in Vienna's latest Parsifal.
★★★½☆ The classically trained opera turned indie pop singer delivers a night richly laden with artistry.
★★★★½ A stylish, brooding take on Puccini's Tosca by West Australian Opera.
★★★★☆ Bored with the idea of seeing yet another Butterfly performance? Think again. You will be in for a treat.
★★★½☆ With plenty of colour and spectacle, lovers of Carmen's hits won't be disappointed.
★★★★½ Judy's ruby slippers dazzled, as did the vocally brilliant Jacqueline Dark singing Régine Saint Laurent.
★★★★½ A stunning production by Victorian Opera of a rarely performed Respighi treasure.
★★★½☆ Saint-Saëns’ charming comic opera receives a delightful Australian premiere.
★★★★☆ Musically mind-blowing – a highly talented, intelligent collaborative period music ensemble.
★★★★★ Kosky’s baroque extravaganza could power SA’s electricity grid for a month.