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★★★★☆ A cunning and colourful response to Janáček’s extraordinary score.
★★★½☆ Musical standards aid Kaufmann's debut, if production raises questions.
★★★★☆ A complex interweaving of plots and realities – with fantastic music.
★★★★☆ Opera Holland Park springs a delightful surprise with a production set on the high seas.
★★★★☆ Brett Dean wrangles the moody Dane into two-and-half hours of thrilling music theatre.
★★★★☆ An inventive, heartfelt pastiche that brings the magic of opera to the everyday world.
★★★★☆ Sung with immense beauty and committed acting, Freeze Frame Opera's Bohème is opera at its best.
★★★½☆ Entertaining production with great music, if not exactly suitable for children.
★★★★☆ A rare glimpse inside Dame Nellie’s country Victorian home, followed by high tea in the diva’s former garage.
★★★★☆ ARCO finished splendidly with an unfinished masterpiece.