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★★★★☆ This "pocket opera" is musically admirable but has yet to achieve its full potential.
★★★★½ American soprano Brenda Rae stuns in her Australian debut.
★★★★½ Australian tenor Alexander Lewis compels opposite Rod Gilfry's commanding Walt Whitman in Matthew Aucoin's deft new opera.
★★★★★ Remarkable Australian premiere of a unique Japanese virtual opera.
★★★★☆ A delightful combination of music, opera, food and wine in an exquisite setting.
★★★★☆ A mercurial winter journey from a powerful bass.
★★★★½ Wonderfully cast and cunningly staged, this darkly humorous, musically eclectic fable disturbs and delights.
★★★★★ Erin Helyard and team create a fertile ground for creative collaboration and innovation.
★★★½☆ Xenia Puskarz Thomas gives an excellent performance in Debussy and Ravel L‘enfant double bill.
★★★☆☆ A gutsy attempt in which some moments soared while others fell short.