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★★★★☆ The Festival hits the ground running with music from home and abroad.
★★★★☆ Two Aussie expats give daring performance of Messiaen's love-death ritual.
★★★★☆ Plenty of Aussies and next year's Sydney Gurnemanz in Vienna's latest Parsifal.
★★★★☆ More pleasures as Goldners play Vasks and Dickson premieres Edwards.
★★★★★ An exhilarating concert, led by a vigorous violinist.
★★★½☆ An eclectic offering showcasing some of the individual talents in Arcadia Winds.
★★★★☆ From late Romantic to early 21st century, another trove of chamber treasures.
★★★★½ Orkis and the Goldner and Elias Quartets open Festival with truly sublime chamber playing.
★★★★½ English masterpieces by Elgar and Vaughan Williams in superbly played programme.
★★★★½ The ASMF and Joshua Bell have discovered the fountain of musical youth.