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★★★★½ Cutting edge Beethoven from La La Land foursome.
★★★★½ Greta Bradman shines in her first outing for Opera Australia, in Edwards' Weimar Bohème.
★★★★☆ Robertson’s wild, dancing programme is a fascinating study in orchestral colours and textures.
★★★★☆ Krymov's puppets tell a darkly visual tale of Shostakovich and his time.
★★★★☆ An attractive concert of chamber favourites kicks off Omega's year.
★★★★½ A perfect match creates a youthful supergroup of unfettered imagination and immense control.
★★★★☆ Alondra de la Parra delivers provocative, persuasive Mahler in her first official outing as MD.
★★★★½ Vengerov launches Robertson's fourth season with a touch of Russian fire.
★★★★½ Joseph Nolan pulls out all the stops and is 'knighted' for his pains.
★★★★☆ With stunning sets and deftly built tension, Bell’s Tosca has earned its place in OA’s rep.