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★★★★☆ An imaginative programme, and the premiere of a significant vocal work.
★★★★½ Kaufmann isn't the only thing that impresses in a superlative night of Wagner singing.
★★★★☆ Wagner’s swan makes a splash in Melbourne.
★★★★½ A glorious evening of inspirational Latin American music.
★★★★★ Stunning artistry and fireworks from a young violin queen.
★★★½☆ Fine music making plumbs tales of hardship, trauma and dislocation.
★★★★½ Francis Gouton and the Orava Quartet tackle a Schubert mammoth.
★★★☆☆ Thrilling Britten and Stanhope leave Dvořák in their wake.
★★★★½ A Rolls Royce line up takes a musical Winter Palace by storm.
★★★½☆ It’s Bach, Jim, but not always as we know it.