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★★★½☆ Much to enjoy, but some missed programming opportunities.
★★★★★ Individual, instrumental brilliance balanced by a group cohesiveness and single-mindedness.
★★★★½ Painterly orchestral story-telling in Debussy’s only completed opera.
★★★★★ Listening to music and the spaces in between at Dark Mofo.
★★★★☆ A cunning and colourful response to Janáček’s extraordinary score.
★★★½☆ Musical standards aid Kaufmann's debut, if production raises questions.
★★★★½ A spritely and vibrant Creation from Sir Andrew Davis and the MSO.
★★★★☆ A complex interweaving of plots and realities – with fantastic music.
★★★★☆ Robertson, Clerici and the SSO deliver a cleverly planned programme, played with panache.
★★★½☆ A welcoming evening of friendly music making in an ornate setting.