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Vocal & Choral

★★★½☆ Stephen Layton's dramatic conviction makes a powerful testimony of Handel’s musical centrepiece.
★★★☆☆ Voices shine in the concert hall, despite a programme meant for the forest.
★★★★½ Renaissance masters make sublime and welcome return to Oz.
★★★★☆ David Hansen challenges our perceptions about the countertenor voice.
★★★★½ Tognetti's crack band backs classy Russian mistress of the roulades.
★★★★½ Edwards' Mass of the Dreaming and Haydn's 'Nelson' Mass made a moving pairing.
★★★★☆ Brett Weymark’s foam-flecked Vaughan Williams conquers the high seas.
★★★★★ Robertson performs a gloriously exhilarating Resurrection.
★★★☆☆ Alagna and Stagg are stellar, but staging, lighting and programme raise concerns.
★★★★★ A spiritually profound, sensuously crafted performance from the Rolls-Royce of choirs.