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★★★★☆ Robertson’s wild, dancing programme is a fascinating study in orchestral colours and textures.
★★★★☆ Alondra de la Parra delivers provocative, persuasive Mahler in her first official outing as MD.
★★★★½ Vengerov launches Robertson's fourth season with a touch of Russian fire.
★★★★☆ Tan Dun's celebration included a phoenix, a mandarin and the secrets of Chinese women.
★★★★½ In a night of juxtapositions, the ACO moves in for the kill with a rapturous array of music from Heaven and Earth.
★★★★★ The ne plus ultra of Mozart boxes: with curation like this, Amadeus’s 225th death-day box will be hard to surpass.
★★★★☆ Every bit the performer, Kennedy’s music is a blast whether he’s playing Vivaldi or Hendrix.
★★★★★ Benjamin Northey is expressive and authoritative in superb performances of works by the Finnish master.
★★★★☆ Sydney ensemble round off a stunning season with plenty of Sturm und Drang.
★★★★☆ A unique take on end-of-year carols, Noël! Noël! has plenty for both jaded Christmas concert-goers and lovers of Christmas nostalgia.