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★★★★★ An exhilarating concert, led by a vigorous violinist.
★★★★½ English masterpieces by Elgar and Vaughan Williams in superbly played programme.
★★★★½ The ASMF and Joshua Bell have discovered the fountain of musical youth.
★★★★½ Yoshimoto and the ASO deliver a performance to be remembered and savoured.
★★★★☆ William Barton left the audience deeply moved by an experience that had touched them to the core.
★★★★☆ Carl Vine's Hallucinations prove a hypnotic new addition to the trombone rep.
★★★½☆ The classically trained opera turned indie pop singer delivers a night richly laden with artistry.
★★★★½ WA’s mighty Fisch scales the NSW peaks and then some.
★★★★½ Young musicians of ANAM join with the TSO in an epic performance of Stravinsky's powerful ritual.
★★★★½ Judy's ruby slippers dazzled, as did the vocally brilliant Jacqueline Dark singing Régine Saint Laurent.