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Visual Art

★★★★☆ Profound sincerity and understated simplicity that touches the spirit.
★★★★☆ This beautifully conceived interactive installation is an act of remembrance and of gentle protest.
★★★★★ All of human life is here, brilliantly juxtaposed both with and without clothes.
★★★½☆ Immersive Indigenous installations enthrall, though rain affects play.
★★★½☆ Art, nudity and music make this multi-sensory event come alive.
★★★★½ Kentridge and Goerne's gripping Transvaal trek both hypnotises and provokes.
Organ and imagery shed mutual light on two very different worlds.
Classical monthly seeks potential critics in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.
One of Britain’s greatest artists, J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851) is celebrated today as a highly modern painter.