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★★★★½ The ACO scales the heights with breath-taking visuals and a well-crafted score.
★★★½☆ Music and storytelling combine in a performance that brings narrative archetypes to life.
★★★★½ A live rendition of Glass's iconic hyper-score still thrills decades on.
★★★★½ Simon Russell Beale’s Prospero really is such stuff as dreams are made on.
★★★★☆ Glass’s opera for ensemble and film is hypnotic start to Festival’s opening weekend.
★★★★½ Coming to Aussie cinemas, Vanessa Redgrave helps Ralph Fiennes disinter "The King in the Car Park".
★★★★★ John Wilson's passion and panache has Sydney shouting Hooray for Hollywood.
★★★★☆ Covent Garden's smart new Cav and Pag is headed south.
Charleroi Danses' genre defying show of hands and heartbreak is a masterful meditation on love and memory.
Sydney Symphony Orchestra accompany Godfrey Reggio's reflective follow-up to his Qatsi Trilogy.