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Musical Theatre & Cabaret

★★★½☆ A fascinating reconstruction of a cabaret created by Czech Jewish prisoners at Terezín during WWII.
★★★★☆ A beguiling night of melancholic songs, poetic storytelling and haunting vocals.
★★★½☆ A glittering, intoxicating love song to the disco era.
★★★½☆ Old-fashioned G&S given a sparkling new production.
★★★★½ Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen offer a down and dirty good time in their new cabaret show.
★★★★★ The man behind the piano now stands on top.
★★★½☆ Kamikaze cabaret that didn't quite hit the target.
★★★★½ A bittersweet but nourishing slice of the finest cabaret.
★★★★½ Elise McCann's new show is a magical meeting of Roald Dahl's creative genius and real life.
★★★★★ Reeves stands masterfully in Ella Fitzgerald's shoes.