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★★★★½ A stunning, dreamlike exploration of gender combining dance, music and pasta.
★★★★☆ A heavenly accounting of Elgar's oratorio.
★★★★★ Brett Dean and Piers Lane set the concert hall ablaze.
★★★½☆ A thought-provoking exploration of the politics of pleasure.
★★★☆☆ Brendan Hanson gives a tour de force performance in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play.
★★★½☆ Fabulous dancing and stunning staging and yet...
★★★½☆ A smart, musically rich programme played with passion.
★★★★☆ Lane and the QSO deliver orchestral storytelling and emotional extremes.
★★★★☆ Brett Dean and the SSO plunge the audience deep into a sonic dreamworld.
★★★★½ Compelling world premiere delights and surprises.