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Limelight magazine has entered a new phase

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Limelight magazine has entered a new phase

Limelight has a fresh lease of life having been donated to a charitable organisation, which better fortifies its future.

Limelight magazine has a new lease of life after it was donated, in August this year, to the newly established not-for-profit company Arts Initiative Australia under agreement that a licence would be extended to the current publisher, Andrew Batt-Rawden, to continue publishing the magazine for 10 years unless absolved by mutual agreement.

Arts Initiative Australia founders Andrew Luboski, Natalie Zwar, Andrew Batt-Rawden and Toby Chadd

There are benefits coming from this arrangement for our readers and supporters. Because the publication is now owned by a charitable organisation, the licence agreement to any publisher, now or in the future, will have caveats such as editorial integrity, profit margins being used for arts journalism, and the knowledge that there is another layer of governance with a trustworthy board that have the interests of the Arts at heart.

For the magazine itself – its staff, writers, supporters, advertisers, contractors and consultants – there is an added layer of certainty and wisdom at the helm.

It is no secret that the media and arts sectors are facing perilous times. Although Limelight is stoic in the face of so much change and uncertainty brought about by technological changes, the donation of the magazine to Arts Initiative Australia opens a door for the future of arts journalism as published through Limelight. The Limelight Foundation has been created, not through bequest or philanthropy, but because of a very real need to strengthen and promote truth, creativity, poeticism, and the engagement of the imagination within our society. The Foundation could use a bit of help, as with all foundations, and if you’re inclined to support Limelight to continue its legacy, you can do so by visiting The Limelight Foundation.

Arts Initiative Australia was established by a group of arts supporters, including Toby Chadd (Manager of ABC Classics), Natalie Zwar (a lawyer specialising in intellectual property), Andrew Luboski (a financial consultant with CitiGroup) and Andrew Batt-Rawden (the publisher of Limelight magazine and an artist) who were later joined by Claire Stokes (a lecturer and Engagement Manager at the Centre for Social Impact UWA). Toby Chadd left the board in December 2016.

For any further questions please contact Andrew Batt-Rawden, the publisher of Limelight, at