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The soprano talks about her upcoming show DIVA, a funny and warm tribute to Joan Sutherland and June Bronhill.
Flying into Sydney and Brisbane, the new music specialist talks Kate Moore, feminism and why she won't do a Pistol and Boo.
Michael Keegan-Dolan's haunting Swan Lake set in the bleak Irish Midlands has a short season at the Opera House.
Why when a clock goes tick-tick do we hear tick-tock? An investigation into a trick of the mind throws up some surprising results.
Confusion over door etiquette caused a meeting of greats to descend into farce.
The operatic version of Patrick White’s novel is legendary. How long have we to wait before someone takes up the cause?
Ahead of his performances in Guitarra, the Australian guitarist chats about his most recent recording projects.
Brett Weymark enjoys exploring the ripe choral masterpiece that the Countess of Albermarle pronounced "disgusting".
The artistic directors of the Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition talk about the competition they founded in 1999.
Christopher Gattelli could have danced all night when Julie Andrews approached him.