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In this provocative hit comedy, pop culture is the new, post-apocalyptic religion.
Never Tilt Your Chair comments musically on the labyrinth of rules regulating the use of cutlery at the table.
The lad from Teddington thought Bill Haley was the bee’s knees, but that was before he heard Rostropovich do Dvořák.
The renowned British choreographer and director talks about his stage adaption of William Golding's savage novel.
A play lurching from one theatrical disaster to the next has proved a worldwide hit.
The iconoclastic German director has a habit of turning classics on their heads.
Double Helpmann-winner Mark Leonard Winter on playing an American photographer searching for Beijing's 'Tank Man'.
Dmitry Krymov uses ordinary objects to create powerful images of epic proportion in Opus No. 7.
The collection is a window onto a past in which great actors strut and fret their hour. But is it for today?
A remarkable theatre marathon following a New York family during the US election is coming to the Perth Festival.