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A new show written especially for Christie Whelan Browne returns after a hit season at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.
Along with Claire Edwardes and seven canny composers, the playwright explains how she created a musical Everywoman.
Front to back or back to front, Michael Frayn’s classic farce-within-a-farce must go on.
A harrowing examination of grief and loss, the writer of Cloudstreet discusses his third play Shrine ahead of its Melbourne premiere.
The Aussie actor discusses playing the pivotal role of Winston Smith, torture scenes and all.
Now musical theatre royalty, Nancye Hayes reminisces about her first radiogram and why she’d never make a ballerina.
Orwell’s dystopian nightmare has seldom seemed quite so up-to-date – and it’s coming to a theatre near you...
Playwright Victor Gordon imagines a confrontation between a young Israeli conductor and an elderly Holocaust survivor.
Currently playing Richard III in Melbourne, the Australian actor's new play about the Russian mystic is showing in Sydney.
In this provocative hit comedy, pop culture is the new, post-apocalyptic religion.